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Green Technology: What Is It and How Does It Work?

With the global population now exceeding 7.6 billion, there’s a newfound interest in environmentally friendly technologies. Also known as green technology, it seeks to preserve the environment by mitigating the effects of human activity. Here are some of the leading green technologies that are changing the world. Solar Power Solar power is a green technology that’s […]


How Young Tech Donors are Changing Philanthropy

A $1.9 billion gift from Bill and Melinda Gates kicked off an increase in charitable giving by America’s top 50 most generous donors. The Philanthropy 50 incorporates the top 50 philanthropists in America, who according to estimates donated nearly $5.6 billion to non-profits in 2016. In recent years, charitable donations have been steadily increasing by […]


Blockchain Technology’s Role in Charity

The biggest innovation ushered into the financial industry by blockchain technology is the permanent digital ledger. For financial transactions, such a tool has obvious applications, but for industries that depend on the legitimacy and public accountability of their financial information, blockchain technology has the potential to create considerable change. Reliable Data The key element in […]

Technology in Nonprofits: What to Know

Developing a technology blueprint has become an important component in operating a nonprofit. Like any type of organization, nonprofit success is shaped by their short or strategic goal, as well as long-term plans. Part of this is defining a set of technology priorities to further the nonprofit’s mission into the community. But what are the […]

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