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The Best Tech Nonprofits You Should Support in 2018

There are some groundbreaking tech nonprofits that aim to help humanity with technological advancements. As a New Year’s resolution, why not start by supporting these organizations and their charitable efforts? Below are four that you can help out and donate to in each quarter of 2018. Quarter 1 Pick: OpenAI OpenAI is the first tech […]

Technology in Nonprofits: What to Know

Developing a technology blueprint has become an important component in operating a nonprofit. Like any type of organization, nonprofit success is shaped by their short or strategic goal, as well as long-term plans. Part of this is defining a set of technology priorities to further the nonprofit’s mission into the community. But what are the […]


Leadership Development in Nonprofit Organizations

No matter what the nature of a given business may be, strong leadership is essential in maintaining the ebb and flow of success on all levels. In nonprofit organizations, the same is true in order to maximize efforts and clearly define the charity’s mission and goals. But, unfortunately, many nonprofits feel that a position of […]

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