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Leadership Development in Nonprofit Organizations

No matter what the nature of a given business may be, strong leadership is essential in maintaining the ebb and flow of success on all levels. In nonprofit organizations, the same is true in order to maximize efforts and clearly define the charity’s mission and goals. But, unfortunately, many nonprofits feel that a position of […]

How Philanthropic Innovations are Changing Charity

Individuals and organization who mediate donations have been finding lately that donors are being much more cautious when deciding just where they’d like to give their money. Rather than donating to general funds that seem to cover a blanket of causes (one where the final decision is made for your in terms of what your […]

Tech in Philanthropy: Driving our Charitable Causes

The philanthropic efforts of an individual or business can truly define character. For those looking to do so, understanding advancements in this field is crucial, specifically the increased role technology has had within the industry, and its monumental impact in the past decade. For example, more people donate online now than they ever have, with […]


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